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Exciting Bath Trends for 2015

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant1.  Bathtubs – We are seeing a trend for free standing tubs again. In many bathroom updates, homeowners are opting to remove their larger, tiled in garden tubs for a new sleek free standing tub. Not only is this leaning more towards a clean and modern design but it also allows the room to feel more spacious.
 Oval black tub
2.  Flooring – Tile has always been a popular choice for homeowners when it comes to the bathroom. Its versatility in style and color allows each home to be different and custom. This year we continue to see tile as a popular choice, but the size and style for the New Year is 12”x24” tiles. Installing the tile in an offset brick pattern or staggered vertical will differentiate you from other generic tile bathrooms.
3.  Cabinets- Modern and Sleek are the words for 2015! Homeowners are choosing more exotic woods for cabinets this year, along with a flat panel and clean lines. Also, we are seeing the increasing trend of wall hung cabinets. Keeping the vanity off the floor will draw your eye up, and create the illusion of more space. Wall cabinets-bath
4.  Color – Neutral grays and whites are still topping the charts for color schemes this year. A rich gray with accents of navy blue and white create a modern yet calm relaxing space.
5.  The finishing touch – Many designers and homeowners are adding more elegant lighting and finishes to the bathroom. Crystal chandeliers over a soaking tub, jewelry inspired cabinet pulls and one of a kind vanity sconces, are a nice way to add a little touch of personal style to the bathroom.


Brrrr…. It’s getting cold outside!

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant

Winter in the northwest can mean high power bills for most of us. Here are a few easy tips to help avoid getting sticker shock when the heating bill arrives!

Close the damper on your fireplace, when you are not burning
Even if the doors are closed, the damper being open can suck warm air up and out of the chimney

Seal windows with painter’s plastic
If you have older windows in the home, some find it helpful to cover them tightly with painter’s plastic to prevent leaks and drafts. If you don’t want to block your view out of the main windows, even covering windows in the basement could help do the trick

Change furnace filters
Putting fresh filters in your furnace will ensure the heat can flow thoroughly throughout your home. Furnace filters should be changed once every 1-2 months, especially in the winter

Adjust the temperature
When you are away at work most of the day and while sleeping, it is a smart idea to drop the temp in the house. Most thermostats are digital these days and will allow for temp changes at different times of the day.  Cutting your heat back by 10 degrees while you are not home can save up to 10% a year on that power bill

Close the vents
By closing the door and vents in that guest room or other rooms not being used could easily cut 100 – 200 square feet off of your energy footprint

Bundle Up
Get comfy. Bundle up with a cozy sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the change in seasons and your savings!BundleUp

Making use of your remodeled items

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant 

So, now that you have remodeled the house, what are you going to do with the old things you replaced?   Perhaps, you changed out your 20 year old French Doors with some that don’t leak and let cold air in the house? Well, here are some ideas to reuse the old and create awesome new and functional art pieces for the house.

Old French Door = New picture frame and coat rack

Recycled Door

A fresh coat of paint and a little sanding can help create this look on an old French door. First sand down the existing paint, which is probably chipped anyway, and simply re-paint with a color of your choice.  Next, attach pictures into the glass window panes from the back.  If you would like to make a coat rack, like the picture above, cabinet knobs from your local hardware store make perfect hooks at a low price.  Overall, this is pretty simple way to recycle the old and show off your DIY skills.

Pallet left over from a remodel delivery = Herb garden

Pallet garden

Don’t have much to do here with this left over pallet. Just find a flat spot in the yard or patio and fill it with dirt.  The existing gaps in the pallet create perfect rows for planting herbs or vegies. For this great sample and more ideas go to

Another great use for that wood pallet is to create a hidden and clean space for your garbage cans. Place one or two Pallets on the ground to keep cans out of the dirt and mud. Then attach another pallet with a couple of strong screws to create the “wall” which blocks the view of the cans.

Pallet block

Master Bath Remodeling Tips

You’ve decided to remodel. How exciting! Here are some tips to consider when remodeling you master bathroom.


First and foremost the space should function for your needs. Maybe you have a single vanity with two people trying to share it. Or, a separate garden tub that only collects dust and is a pain to clean.

Consider removing the tub, to make a larger walk in shower with a bench for convenience. Also, clearing out that corner tub can give you extra room to change that single vanity into a double.

Resale Value

Double vanities in the master bath are practically a must for resale these days. Also, storage is a biggie! If you do not have a built-in linen closet, consider getting a tall linen cabinet to match your vanity. This will help not only for storage, but create a cohesive finished look that was well thought out.

Tile is the number one surface used in bathrooms today. This is a semi- permanent choice for homeowners because of the durability, and fact that you don’t often need to replace it. Because of this, it is important to make tile selections that would appeal to all types of potential buyers. This does not mean you have to settle for a bland, beige colored bathroom. You can add personal style and color with your vanity, towels, rugs, window treatments, wall art and paint.

Whatever you choose, make it your own tranquil retreat.

Super Bowl Week

The big game is only days away. Let’s take a look at one reason why the Super Bowl is so exciting.   There is one player on each team that the world has their eyes on – the   quarterback. Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning.  He is the one player that the team and the   coaching staff and the fans count on to carry the team to number one. The   pressure is great and a quarterback’s ability goes far beyond his physical   strength, and moves into the role of being a superior leader.

To be a successful   leader of a business, large and small, is very similar. Take a look at these leadership   qualities that are seen in any great quarterback and see how they can be   applied to your role as a leader in the workplace.

Always   Prepared. This is a must-have trait that is seen in the greatest   quarterbacks—and   outstanding managers. An elite quarterback will relentlessly   prepare for practice as well as a game, know their teammates intimately and   execute their plans meticulously. A leader in the business world must do the   same thing and be prepared for the next opportunity that may be heading their   way.

Always   Aware. Just as a quarterback scans the field before making a play, a leader should evaluate a situation   and act quickly to take advantage of an opportunity or to solve a challenge   that is on the horizon. A great leader will learn their   team’s strengths and weaknesses and have a strategy to highlight the   strengths and minimize the weaknesses in order to keep on top of their “game.”

Always   Ready For Feedback. A quarterback cannot win a game alone. He   depends on coaches and teammates to help him get that ball down the field.   Listening to feedback from teammates and coaches is a key to a quarterback   perfecting his game and winning. A   good leader will want feedback and will listen to the goals, aspirations,   career plans, and talents of each team member to get better results.

Now that you have some   helpful habits to put into place that can be pivotal for your own success, analyze these behaviors in action by   the elite. Russell and Peyton in the big game ahead.


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