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Why to Choose Design/Build Remodeling

Design/Build Remodeling Project

We find that homeowners enjoy the design/build method of remodeling because they take part in the process of home design. Our method of remodeling services makes clients part of the team from the very start. Our clients love this because they tend to do their research and have a good idea, going into the process, of what kind of look, feel, and function they are looking for in their remodel. They will usually have clear expectations on certain aspects of the construction portion of their project.

As well, homeowners are really educated about every aspect of the products and materials that go into their project. They understand why they are selected, what is special about them, and how the pieces come together as the construction process progresses.

The design/build method is collaborative, it allows us to discuss with the homeowners about their ideas based on our experience from past projects. As well, we can discuss what we see with new products and innovative uses of materials and finishes.

Through the process, the homeowner can share with us home design ideas from Houzz, Pinterest, magazines, home shows, and from friends and family.